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Iron Bells (Gankogui)
Bells Bells Bells
Rattles (Axatse)
Shekeres Shekeres
Ewe Drum Ensemble - Axatse, Gankogui, Kaganu, Kidi, Sogo, Atsimevu A Virtual Museum from
Ewe Ewe
Djembe Eric Charry's Guide to the Djembe Talking Drums Gome Ghana Goods
Djembe Talking Drums Gome

Images used on this page have been gathered from a variety of sources on the internet including, Ghana Goods, and the Lark in the Morning Catalog.
More Instrument Info Links
Historical Perspective on African Drumming - R. Clark
Drums and Drumming - C. K. Ladzekpo
The Sabar Drum Ensemble
Some Leading Manufacturers of World Percussion Instruments
Remo Pearl Toca
Can you match each djembe with its manufacturer?
Toca Remo Pearl LP

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