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Throughout history, people have experienced the healing powers of music. Research has been done to prove specific health benefits of group drumming. Percussion Clinicians, Music Therapists, and Doctors are spreading the word that group drumming can greatly contribute to our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
Please visit REMO Health Rhythms to read the latest research and excellent articles by the following Group Drumming for Wellness advocates. Click on a name to visit their Home Pages.
Barry Bittman, MD As Medical Advisor for Remo. Inc., he conducted a scientific study showing that group drumming increases the "activity of cellular immune components responsible for seeking out and destroying certain cancer cells and viruses".
Mickey Hart Planet Drum, Grateful Dead, Extensive World Percussion Collection Rhythm For Life Project & Testimony Before the U.S. Senate Committee on Aging
Barry Bernstein MT-BC Healthy Sounds "where wellness sounds good"
Arthur Hull Village Music Circles & Arthurian Drumming Community
Paulo Mattioli Rhythm Journey
Christine Stevens Up Beat Drum Circles
Bob Bloom Drumming About You
Karl T. Bruhn Presidential Advisor to the American Music Therapy Association
Alicia Clair Known for her expertise in gerontology and music therapy, she works with Alzheimer's Disease patients.
Layne Redmond "synchronizing the mind/body complex" Author of When The Drummers Were Women
Robert Lawrence Friedman Drumming Away Stress Fox News Real Audio."Drumming increases our Alpha brainwaves".

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Some Group Drumming Benefits of Which These Advocates Speak
It is being used to help patients with Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, post-traumatic stress dissorder, Multiple Sclerosis, paralysis, hypervigilance, stroke, autism, and it can release the anger of "at risk" adolescents . It is aiding in stress and pain management. It increases concentration, attention span, "entrainment", short term memory, unity and team spirit, co-operation, energy, communication, immune system activity, and Alpha brainwaves that relax the mind and give a feeling of well-being,

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